We serve the greater New York City–area game developer community as a whole, and most of our events and benefits are open for anyone to enjoy regardless of IGDA membership status.

But the chapter couldn't exist without its registered IGDA members!

If you've benefitted from our chapter and are in a position to contribute, we invite you to join in supporting the work we do locally and the work of the IGDA worldwide by enrolling as a member of the IGDA and (this part is important!) selecting New York City as your official chapter.

This ensures you'll be added to the chapter roster and won't miss important updates like election details. The member rolls are used for allocating funds to our chapter—so stand up and be counted!

Join Now

  1. Go to igda.org/membership.
  2. Select your membership plan.
  3. During the enrollment process, select the US - NY - NYC chapter as your primary chapter affiliation.

That's it! Welcome to the IGDA, and thanks for your support!

👉Join Now👈

Already a member?

Make sure New York City is selected as your primary chapter.

  1. Sign in at members.igda.org/Login.aspx.
  2. Click on the "Edit" button next to "Professional Information," under your name.
  3. Scroll down the page to set your Chapter Affiliation: Primary to US - NY - NYC.

Member benefits

The IGDA is the world’s largest membership association for game developers. IGDA membership offers many individual benefits:

Save Money

Boost Your Career

Have a Voice